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The Korean Drama, Snowdrop at the end of 2021 was truly awaited by drama
lovers because the main actor was Kim Ji-soo from BLACPINK.

So, this drama was set in 1987 when South Korea was still under the dictator
government. Im Soo-ho (played by Jung Hae-in) and
Eun Young-Ro (played by Kim Ji-soo) is a student at the prestigious
university in Seoul.

snowdrop ep 4 eng sub dramacool
Source JTBC

Soo-ho, who grew up in Germany, had a gentle charm, but emitted an aura of
secrecy. Young-ro, who is agile, pleasant, and cheerful, falling in love with
him at first glance at a social meeting.

One day, Soo Ho suddenly entered the dormitory of a bloody woman, and Eun
Young-ro hid it and treated the wound despite facing the danger under the
strict supervision of the government.

Then, how is the full story of the latest Snowdrop episode? Before entering
the discussion of spoilers / synopsis, we will answer the questions you will
often ask, that :

Snowdrop Episode 4 Release Date

The answer is this drama will air at 22.30 KST or it’s depend where you are.
Its showtimes every Saturday and Sunday. Then, what time does Snowdrop release
on Disney? If you have subscribed to Disney + you can watch this drama on that
day or a day after. Just look for the application or the web and please to
watch it!

Synopsis of Snowdrop Eps 4

In the previous episode Snowdrop episode 3, something might have happened to
Young Ro itself. What made him point a gun to Su Ho? Did she feel betrayed
when he learned that Soo Ho was actually a North Korean agent?

Then in Episode 4 tonight showed the National Security Planning Agency that
brought Soo Ho (Jung Hae-in) and how the race for the devastation and the
actual money took place among North and South leaders.

Bon was surprised when checking the guest book that Suho was a spy. After that
there was a Young Ro (Jisoo Blackpink) scene knelt in front of PII (director
of the hostel) with tears, and PII was very angry. Read more Check Video
Preview below.

Snowdrop Eng Sub Dramacool

For those of you who are really curious about watching Snowdrop Ep 4 and ask
what time and watch where the answer is Saturday, December 25 at 22.30 KST
every Saturday & Sunday. Where we can stream snowdrop? In JTBC and Disney
+ as its international publisher.

Snowdrop in Disney + Hotstar (this is a link)

Streaming Snowdrop Eng Sub Episode 4 (this is also a link, sis)

Dramacool, KissAsian, Dailymotion, Myasian, Bilibili, with RAR Zip MP4 MKV MKV File 360p, 480, 720p, up to FULL 1080p HD.

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List of Snowdrop Main Players

  1. Jung Hae-in as Im Soo-ho
  2. Kim Ji-soo as Eun Young-ro
  3. Jang Seung-jo as Lee Kang-moo
  4. Yoo in-na as cheong-ya kang
  5. Kim Hye-yoon as Kye Boon-OK
  6. Yoon se-ah as a pi seung-hee

Snowdrop Drama Rating

  • Episode 1 (2,985%)
  • Episode 2 (3,898%)
  • Episode 3 (no information)
  • Episode 4 (no information)
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