Broken heart is indeed not expected when undergoing a love relationship. However, we can’t avoid that when we break up with someone we still love.

So that your feelings of hurt and feeling blue get more souls, I provide 30 quotes about heartbreak, breaking up. You can save the quotes below for free or you better save in your Pinterest account with the board name “Heartbreak quotes” or “Broken hearts quotes,” it’s up to u tho.

There are so many different relationships that we form with people in our lives. We have something with our family, our friends, our coworkers and our neighbors.

Love is the greatest – and most painful – force on this earth. Good love makes your heart blossom, makes you think of future photos together, but bad love can destroy you and hope you will never know each other.

So when things get tough and you feel trapped in unhealthy love again, here are 25 heartbreak quotes that understand how terrible it can be when you realize it’s time to leave your partner.

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Here 30 Quotes Heartbreaking in Love

1. “Hearts are made to be broken.” – Oscar Wilde

2. “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” – Mark Twain

taking a break quotes by mark twain

3. “He does something to me, that boy. Every time. It’s his only detriment. He steps on my heart. He makes me cry.” – Markus Zusak

4. My mouth says, “I’m ok.” My fingers text, “I’m fine.” My heart says, “I’m broken.”

quotes about heart break

5.”I’m tired of fighting. Once in a while, I want to be fought for.”

taking a break quotes

6. “Emotionally: I’m done. Mentally: I’m tired. Spiritually: I’m blank. Physically: I smile.”

break down quotes

7. “How tf you just walk away from someone who needs you in such a hard time.”

heart break quotes that being sad because of him or her

8. “I deserved better, but I wanted you. Man, why didn’t you become better.”


9. “Was it hard? I ask. Letting go? Not as hard as holding on to something that wasn’t real”

was it hard to letting go quotes

10. “I won’t ever leave you, even though you’re always leaving me” – Audrey Niffenegger.

you're always leaving me quotes

10. “The fact that we expect love to hurt is pretty fucked up.”

broken trust quotes

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